I love seeing URLs that are The Chariot references…

..like these Chariot appreciation blogs…

F*** Yeah The Chariot

Heck Yeah The Chariot

I Love Stevis

A The Chariot Blog


Rumors Of Wars

Long Live The Chariot

and URLs that are names…

Calvin Makenzie

Vin Affleck

Yanni Depp

Mrs. Montgomery Alabama iii

and the homies who made the same The City reference…

Calm Rose

Calm Rose Violent Wind

Violent Wind Calm Rose

Violent Wind

these guys too…

This Is Only A Revolt

Only A Revolt

and these mash-ups with names of other awesome bands…

The Almighty Chariot Jean

Texas In August Burns The Chariot

and this obscure The Chariot reference (5 points if you know where it’s from)…

Freak DuBrow

and my personal favorite:

A Reference To The Chariot


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